Limited Edition - Lee Broom, Fashioning Design



Lee Broom, Fashioning Design 

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of his eponymous brand, Lee Broom has unveiled a Limited Edition of his monograph, ‘LEE BROOM FASHIONING DESIGN’ published by Rizzoli, with a luxurious brushed gold metal sleeve. With only 150 copies created,  each unique volume will be personally signed by Lee Broom.  Exploring the influences and ideas behind 15 years of creativity, Broom’s debut book is an in-depth, thematic examination of Broom’s design personality.

Beautifully engraved, the limited-edition book epitomises Broom’s signature focus on materiality, form and function, highlighting the essence of the product designer into the physicality of the book. A collectors piece made for true design devotees, the stunning brushed metal has a sense of intransience and replicates materials often utilised in Broom’s lighting and furniture pieces.